Press play to listen to the world’s largest streaming archive of phone and Internet pranks!

For several years I’ve been collecting phone and Internet prank recordings and have amassed quite a collection. I often add more pranks to the archive, so keep listening and you’re bound to hear new recordings even if you’ve been listening for awhile now.

I’ve always worked too much and studied too hard, so pranks and general comedy have kept me afloat during those especially tough times. I hope that by listening to Blue Planet Prank Radio you’ll laugh a couple more times per day and get through your own rough patches.

Special thanks goes to the following artists whose recordings air on Blue Planet Prank Radio:

Please note: Only those artists who are known to have Web sites are listed. If you are one of the artists listed below and you don’t want your content played on this station, please email and it will be removed as as soon as possible: